Family Time

Thanksgiving was a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I can’t believe how well it went. I love my boo’s family. They are some amazing people. It was nonstop laughing on Thursday. I truly felt like I was already apart of the family. They loved my son and I, and the feeling was mutual. There was no fakeness, just true genuine love in the house. I can’t wait until Christmas. My son has already been adopted by grandma and uncle. He loved every bit of it. Time with my family was limited since the majority of my family is in Florida for my aunt’s wedding, that is taking place today. Congrats on your wedding auntie!!! 

 This time of year is the best. I don’t care much for getting gifts, it is truly more of giving on my part. I attempted black Friday sales yesterday. I don’t do crowds very well, so I just went to the stores around 9 in the morning and hoped for the best. I have to say I picked up a good bit of the items I wanted. I wish I would of picked up a trampoline for $159 from Walmart, but I guess I will have to wait for cyber Monday. Almost done with my Christmas shopping! 🙂 

Words can not express how I feel right now. I am truly in the clouds. I am so so so so happy.  Never thought I could feel this way. It is a wonderful feeling to know I have a man that is on my level. Finally, God has blessed me with a good one. Yesterday he sat and listened to my dreams and asked why don’t I follow through now? Most people who hear my dream of being a dancer, just brush it off, but he believes I can still do it. He is giving me courage to get back into the world of dance. I love how we believe in each other’s dreams and are willing to support each other. I have this man’s back until the end of time. Boo here are the directions to my heart. First, you have to compliment me. Where I lack, you excel and vice- versa. Second, you have to love and accept me for who I am. Third, you have to love and accept my son as if he were your own. Everything else we will figure that out. 

I’m claiming it now. Speak it into existence. We are going to make some big things happen together. 


Another great day with my guys

Glad we are on vacation this week. I have to add another great day under the belt. It started with breakfast at IHOP with my parents, son, and boo. It’s like he is truly part of the family. Everything seems to fall into place so naturally. Two more days then I get to meet a good bit of his family. I’m so excited!!!! Luckily for us his family is coming to our side of town and I can still split the time easily with my family. After breakfast it was time for a little shopping. Just found it hard to believe my son’s winter coat cost as much as mine did last year. Whatever I have to do to keep the kid warm. The tasks tomorrow are a few house chores and to find a nice outfit to wear on Thursday. I’m thinking a sweater, jeans, and boots. Not too sexy and not too laid back.

After running around town trying to spot deals before Black Friday, it was back to my house for a little Mario Cart on Nintendo 64, a little cooking, and reruns of The Walking Dead. What’s better than watching my guys play N64? I know, us playing the original Nintendo and me winning at Dr.Mario, Duck Hunt, and the track game (with the running pad). I know I did not mention Super Mario that’s because I’m not very good at that game. I like to stick to games I can get big on lol. It seems like I’m the only one enthused about the original Nintendo, if it isn’t N64, Wii, or Sony PS3 it’s like no one wants to play. I guess I’m not cool enough, maybe it’s because I’m the only female in this household. I’m outnumbered!

A great part of this new relationship is he doesn’t pressure me to go out. Neither one of us cares for the club scene. I like to hit up restaurants every once in awhile for dinner. The ultimate evening for me is cooking dinner at home, then curling up on the couch to watch a movie together. I’m willing to compromise, but he doesn’t seem to mind for now. These past few weeks have reminded me of my life lesson. Again I have recognized my lesson in my Christian walk is still patience. I’m a woman with a small amount of it. This is so not good, but I’m thankful God has placed a man in my life who has so much more patience than I that he keeps me focused. It amazes me how he can tell me no with no problem. Everyone else wants to try and make me happy by giving me my way as much as possible, before I just throw a fit about not having my way. I’m glad this dude puts his foot down and just says no, kisses my forehead, and laughs it off. Who can get upset over that? I melt every time this happens (too many times in one day to count). What can i say I like him a lot. 😉 Guys, every woman wants to be in control, but we rather have a man that can lead and let us follow. See I can be submissive, (wife material). I’m still work in progress, I just have to continue praying for patience.

Time with my guys

Yesterday my boo met my dad and I have to say it went very well. They have so much in common. I just showed up for the food, it was like I wasn’t even there. After the breakfast we left to go see the last twilight movie. I won’t even speak on the movie, but anyways since I dragged him to the movie I have to watch 6 movies of his choice. Nervous about his selections, I know I have to watch the new martial arts movie. :-/ Last night my son asked why don’t we get married since we love each other. We just stopped and looked at each other. I think my son senses some feelings between us.

Today we are spending time at my boo’s mom’s house. It’s great to bond with his mom while he bonds with my son. I stayed chatting with his mom while she performed a DIY job around her house. The guys stayed outside throwing the football. It truly feels great! I swear we should have done this years ago. You just have to wonder what if we would have done this years ago, where would we be now? Either way I’m thankful God has answered my prayers and this seems to be good for all parties involved. Only great things to come. I admit it, I’m falling.

Breaking My Own Rule

It has been about a month since my last posting and I’ve been a little busy. I guess I’ll start with the rule. Last post I stated I had two rules. 1) Don’t date coworkers while you are still employed together 2) Don’t date friends that you don’t want to lose. Well I broke rule number two. I’m praying this works out because we are good friends. My guy friend and I have been chillin together literally almost everyday for the past month. I’ve been attending his church regularly, he has been hanging with my son (who loves when he comes around), the family members I have met (well I met them when we were in high school), but they like me, my family and friends like him, and everything seems so perfect. I know the beginning of every relationship starts like this, but we are both in our late 20s and because we have been friends for 10+ years, I can’t see either one of us trying to ruin our friendship so I think we would shield each other from any kind of pain.

I tell him everyday he is an amazing man because he truly is. God truly has answered my prayers, when I asked for someone who will make me want to be a better person. He must be doing something right, because I have not stopped smiling in the last month. My coworkers have noticed how happy I have been. One even stated I was glowing (not pregnant). Never heard of that, but I’ll take it. Tomorrow we are supposed to have breakfast with my dad, so they finally get to meet. Funny my dad was out-of-town when my guy took me to prom back in high school, so they missed each other then and every party he has attended at my house, my dad always missed him. I’m pretty sure this will go well tomorrow, they have so much in common. I’m just going to show up and eat my IHOP or Waffle House. Well I get to meet the rest of his family on Thanksgiving (nervous and excited at the same time). I’m nervous because I get really shy and quiet when I don’t know people and I don’t want anyone to think that I’m stuck up or anything, I’m more of an observer. I have faith this is going to be good and workout. Praying real hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good time

Last night I had dinner at Applebee’s with two old high school friends (male and female) and my brother. I had a blast! We had great conversation about our careers, life goals, past love relationships, kids, politics, high school days, and items on our bucket lists. I swear we stayed in there for hours just having a good time. It’s always good to know you can call on friends out of the blue and just spend time with them without anyone having a hidden agenda.
As I was listening to my male friend talk about his current life situation, he mentioned something that took me by surprise. He was the only one at the table without any kids. He said he is ready to be a dad. Everyone at the table in agreement said take your time and be careful of who you choose to have kids with, its forever. I even said get married first, keep mentoring at church, and if you want to get my son for a day let me know. *This guy is not someone i just reconnected with, we have been friends a long time, we just don’t hang out regularly.* Again to my surprise he was actually down with getting my son for a day. Of course, in that moment I was wowed and my female friend starts giving me the look. (Ladies you know the look) as the night went on my guy friend and I noticed we have a lot in common while having our side conversations.
Every once in awhile I would glance at my brother and female friend and see them vibing. I have known for years my brother has had a crush on my friend, but he would never step to her. I thought it was so cute. I’m interested in seeing if they will hang out again…..
On the drive home my female friend and brother are asking me why my guy friend and I never hooked up. They obviously picked up the vibe we were feeling each other. I’ve always had two rules never date friends you don’t want to lose forever and never date coworkers while still at the same employer. I think the vibe came since both of us are single at the same time, we know the other isn’t about playing games, and both of us just ended long term relationships. It’s amazing how we never really look at our friends in a romantically way until we are going through something. I believe the best thing we can do for each other is just stay cool and not jump into anything.

A Woman’s Standards

I went to lunch today with two female associates and gave them some insight to my life and upbringing. First, we had the conversation of child rearing. I believe I had a good childhood. I told them I come from a family were we are disciplined from birth. We learn early, by my third birthday I knew I wasn’t running anything. My momma was crazy!!!!!! When I showed out, I was hit with whatever was near. It could of been a belt, wooden spoon, ruler, shoe, extension cord, branch from a tree, you name it. I told them I do the same with my 5-year-old. He know his momma is crazy and he better not act a fool. If you teach the child early I promise you all this nonsense that is going on with these kids will come to a halt. For the last year I have been teaching my son to open doors for ladies regardless if you know them or not. With that being said on to standards.

One female asked what my type of guy is since I’m currently single. I gave her some insight to the physical traits that I like. Then I gave her my insight to my expectations. I’m in my late 20s and I’m at that point where I’m ready to settle down and live the happily ever after. If a man wants to date me he needs to invest himself into me. Meaning when we go out, I EXPECT him to open all my doors. These ladies looked at me like I said he had to give me all his money. One lady even went as far as saying, “you are going to be single forever.” *Blank stare please proceed to shake your head with me* Really? No really. At that point I said what do I look like teaching and expecting my 5yo son to open my door and not expect a grown man not to do the same. Where is the logic in that? I have standards and I do not believe my standards are out of this world. I believe I just don’t fit in the majority category. For the record, I don’t believe I will be single forever. Just have to wait on God. Some women have let the respect level just fall by the waist side. Men treat us bad because we stay with them and allow them to treat us bad. Respect and morals are taught early in life. Parents teach your sons how to treat women. Teach your daughters how a man is supposed to treat you. If we do this, we can stop the number of domestic violence cases. Feel free to leave your comments.

Relationship thoughts

Woke up this morning with God on my mind. Everyday I pray that God will give me peace from my past relationship. Although I ask God to repair it if it is his will, or completely take it away from me. Either way I ask for peace. God answers prayers, just not on our time. I can honestly say I’m getting my peace. The more I focus on him and yearn to know more of him and his Word, the easier life seems to be.
After a breakup take your energy and apply it toward the Lord, all the energy should have been there from the beginning. Since we are all sinners and learning the error of our ways, we won’t judge. We will take it as a lesson learned and keep it moving. Sometimes I get side tracked and think about what went wrong. Sometimes I ask myself and others what is wrong with me? Then I look at my life overall and realize I’m not that bad, but I do see where I can improve this and that. I have to remind myself you are a good woman and every ex you have had reminds you of it, but you could always be better. Keep asking God to fix you. Although this one didn’t work out i have to say maybe God wanted both of us to grow first, maybe we were put together to teach the other a thing or two about life (season love), or maybe he wasn’t for me after all and God has a better plan. Either way I’m thankful it happened because the desire to get to know my Lord better was always there, but this situation took it to another level.
We all have some issues that could use a little tweaking, but don’t lose yourself trying to impress the people of this world. The activities we partake in on Earth will be judged by our heavenly father when our time on Earth is over. I say this because a lot of my friends, family, and exes would call me boring because I do not care to curse, drink, smoke, or go clubbing. For a long time I believed I was boring because of the many voices who would tell me this so i stayed to myself. As I read my Bible I’m learning to accept this is ok for me because these acts are not like God. Here is my view on sin. We are all going to sin, there is no doubt about it. But, that does not mean i should sin intentionally just because. If I can avoid sinning then that is what I will do. One less sin today means one less strike against me when judgement day comes.