A Woman’s Standards

I went to lunch today with two female associates and gave them some insight to my life and upbringing. First, we had the conversation of child rearing. I believe I had a good childhood. I told them I come from a family were we are disciplined from birth. We learn early, by my third birthday I knew I wasn’t running anything. My momma was crazy!!!!!! When I showed out, I was hit with whatever was near. It could of been a belt, wooden spoon, ruler, shoe, extension cord, branch from a tree, you name it. I told them I do the same with my 5-year-old. He know his momma is crazy and he better not act a fool. If you teach the child early I promise you all this nonsense that is going on with these kids will come to a halt. For the last year I have been teaching my son to open doors for ladies regardless if you know them or not. With that being said on to standards.

One female asked what my type of guy is since I’m currently single. I gave her some insight to the physical traits that I like. Then I gave her my insight to my expectations. I’m in my late 20s and I’m at that point where I’m ready to settle down and live the happily ever after. If a man wants to date me he needs to invest himself into me. Meaning when we go out, I EXPECT him to open all my doors. These ladies looked at me like I said he had to give me all his money. One lady even went as far as saying, “you are going to be single forever.” *Blank stare please proceed to shake your head with me* Really? No really. At that point I said what do I look like teaching and expecting my 5yo son to open my door and not expect a grown man not to do the same. Where is the logic in that? I have standards and I do not believe my standards are out of this world. I believe I just don’t fit in the majority category. For the record, I don’t believe I will be single forever. Just have to wait on God. Some women have let the respect level just fall by the waist side. Men treat us bad because we stay with them and allow them to treat us bad. Respect and morals are taught early in life. Parents teach your sons how to treat women. Teach your daughters how a man is supposed to treat you. If we do this, we can stop the number of domestic violence cases. Feel free to leave your comments.


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